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  • ValMetal manufactures a wide variety of equipment such as, silo unloaders by Hanson, belt conveyors, mixers, motorized feed carts, autoration, silage rotary cutters, and automated feeding equipment. Hanson, owned by ValMetal, specialized in Silo unloaders that are proven to provide many years of dependable service, fast and efficient for unloading in all silo conditions. The best economical unloader, Hanson’s has a reputation for high quality materials and attention to details, Hanson unloaders are one of the industry’s ‘Best Buys.’ Check out Hanson’s unloader’s at http://valmetal.com/en.

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    Valmetal Silo Unloaders
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    Valmetal Belt Conveyors
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    Valmetal Chain Conveyors
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    Valmetal Vertical Mixers
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    Valmetal Horizontal Feed Mixers
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    Valmetal Bale Choppers
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    Valmetal Belt Feeder Kits
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